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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ed to rosen's second arrest. jeff? jeff: leon late today, a judge at d.c. superior court releasing rosen from jail. but he must remain on house wear a g.p.s. monitoring device but he cannot use the internet or a cell phone. before his arrest yesterday at his home in mount pleasant daniel rosen was already facing a lot of trouble but now his situation looks much worse. daniel rosen leaves court today with his wife and attorney showing little emotion and saying even less. >> mr. rosen, do you have anything to say sir? >> i'm sorry -- jeff: according to d.c. police rosen who is 44 took videos of women in their homes at night while they were undressing or naked all from windows where the shades or curtains were drawn all without the women's consent. the incident allegedly happened in adams morgan u street and mount pleasant. police say they have found 40 separate incidents of videotaping between 2012 and
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2014 involving 24 victims, seven of whom were filmed on more than one occasion. >> there were concerns by some of the people that we spoke to that something might have happened but they're not exactly sure what. jeff: rosen who has worked at the state department in counterterrorism for the past four years was arrested last month and charged in fairfax county with sew litesing sex from a minor on line. through the course of the investigation, detectives in fairfax discovered the videos on rosen's phone leading to yesterday's arrest. >> it's definitely unsettling. >> it's kind of disturbing that it's right here in this neighborhood that it's happening. jeff: hope and taylor are looking for an apartment in adams morgan as well as considering careers in politics. >> we'd like to think that our officials have a higher level of integrity. >> absolutely. disappointing, yeah. jeff: daniel rosen is set to face a judge in d.c. on april 21st and then he's to face a judge in fairfax county on the solicitation charge on may 4th. he remains on administrative leave from the state department.
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live in northwest washington, jeff goldberg abc 7 news. leon: thanks, jeff. a grad student found guilty of murdering his friend in silver spring. rahul gupta was convicted of stabbing georgetown law student mark waugh last fall. gupta was pursuing a master's degree from george washington university at the time but now he's facing life in prison when he's sentenced on april 16th. gupta told police it started when he caught his girlfriend cheating with waugh. developing now suspicious death investigation in herndon. a body was found in a wooded area in the 1500 block of hidden brook drive. we're told the victim is a man with trauma to the upper body. no other information is being released at this time. abc 7 is there at the scene and we'll bring you updates as soon as they're available. right now, crews are on the scene of a large water main break in berwin heights. want to show you the shots that we got in there along cunningham street. as you can see water gushing into the roadway. wssc crews are working on repairs. but a section of that street is shut down and there's no word on
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how many customers have been impacted by this. we have crew there's on the scene and bring you updates as soon as they're available on that. now, to new information about a deadly military helicopter crash off the coast of florida. one of the people on board from fairfax. safe sergeant thomas flourish was one of 11 service members killed when the blackhawk crashed last week. he was part of the marine corps special operations command and was living in louisiana at the time. but he had ties to fairfax county. the helicopter went down during nighttime training exercises in dense fog. that crash is still under investigation. u.s. attorney is stepping down. he was appointed under president obama.
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>> continuing to make the hard choices and he and i together are going to work to do the things necessary to reform the secret service. leon: the incident remains under investigation. happening now, crucial meetings in hopes of keeping iran from getting nuclear weapons. it's a race against time with a self-imposed deadline of march 31st. now, the white house is finding it's getting more challenges than just what they're getting from iran's leader. scott thuman is live in the capitol hill bureau. what's latest scott? scott: leon secretary of state john kerry was overseas today in
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switzerland dealing with his iranian counterparts. it's been about five hours talking but the administration isn't just trying to strike a deal with iran. it's also trying to avert what could be a dicey showdown with congress. if they feel like the whole world is watching they're right. and the stakes can't get much higher. the administration claims progress in halting iran's nuclear ambitions but it may be losing support on the hill and not just from republicans who told tehran a deal could disappear after president obama leaves office. president obama: their basic argument is don't deal with our president as close to unprecedented. reporter: a worried white house sent them a bill to give them the power to make aan greement. it would see iran freeze the nuclear program for a decade and the u.s. scale back sanctions that have crippled the economy. critics call it a dangerous
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move. >> president obama will effectively take his sanctions off the table is a tool he sees feasible to use because it takes months and years to build that kind of international coalition. scott: it's not just republicans who say they have concern. senator tim kaine told us that congress might have final say even though he chastised his colleagues for getting involved this early. >> i think the letter was extremely foolish. >> you'll want to see the deal. >> i'm a co-sponsor of a bill that would allow congress in a reasonable way if a deal was announced to review and vote on it. scott: now some believe that the republicans could get close to getting a veto proof majority on that legislation if it comes up, that would set up a really tough situation between the white house and capitol hill here. by the way, the white house today at least publicly expressing confidence that a deal can be met by that march 31st deadline. live on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman, abc 7 news. leon: thank you scott. russian president vladimir putin
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reportedly considered nuclear action to secure moscow's interest in krimea. he's making headlines after disappearing from public for several days. this weekend, russian state tv aired a documentary that should putin accusing the u.s. of supporting a coup in ukraine. when asked if russia was prepared to bring nuclear weapons into play putin said "yes." peace talks are under way about that situation in ukraine. the ukrainian president is meeting with the german chancellor angela merkel. he was pushing for new sanctions against russia. the new leaders are due to be in brussels later this week to talk about their options. still ahead tonight, a massive backlog of rape kits in america. why many are waiting to be processed and the new fight to change that. plus president obama sits down with the chancellor of d.c.'s public schools. what they discussed and how it could change the future of children in the district. doug: i'm doug hill in the weather center. just as our preview for spring begins, it will come to an end. stay with us.
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leon: get. this a glitter bomb shut down a rockville library for a short time today. fire officials say it was first reported as a suspicious package this afternoon. haz-mat teams were called in and nearby roads were shut down and
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several library workers were put into quarantine. turns out it was a glitter grenade. vice president joe biden is making the case for quicker testing of rape kits. an estimated 400,000 kits are backlogged in crime labs and storage rooms nationwide. during an event today, the vice president said they deserve justice. vice president biden: testing rape kits should be an absolute priority for the united states of america. it works, it matters. it brings closure. it brings justice. and that's why we're here. leon: last year congress approved $40 million in funding to reduce that backlog. state and local police will start receiving that money in the coming months. president obama met with the leaders of some of the nation's largest urban school districts today. d.c. public schools chancellor kaya henderson was there in attendance. the president praised higher graduation rates among low
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income students across the country. they asked some to increase funding not to districts but individual students. >> we're all seeing progress even though that doesn't get reported in the newspaper very often and so we wanted to share examples of the amazing things that we've been able to accomplish. and encourage him not to back off. leon: the group met with the secretary of education and with him, they talked about revisions to the no child left behind act. a d.c. nonprofit that provides after school and help for kids may be cutting its programs short this year. they said they're short thousands of money by a utah company that staged a race in the district last year. they said they provided volunteers in exchange for cash but never got the cash. tonight at 11:00, the "7 on your side" i-team explains why the owner of run or die says it's unlikely that they'll ever get that money.
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coming up an inside the journey of a wounded soldier. reporter: that's right. he fought for our country and was wounded in the process. find out what happened today to make his life a little easier. leon: and springlike temperatures are here. ahh, how long will they stick around? doug is back with the full forecast coming up. tim: the caps are on the road and the wizards are in the phone booth. i have a preview of both games for you. hold on! what do you think about the brackets? i'll take a quick look at them. and the big announcement tonight with the women. as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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leon: new at 6:00 he lost both legs in afghanistan and now, a wounded soldier is homeward bound on a free flight. he is the 10,000th combat veteran to get a hand from the veterans air lift command. jay korff live at the montgomery county air park with the story. jay? jay: an remarkable milestoneemotional day. it pairs pilots and their planes with men and women wounded in combat after 9/11 who need a
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place to fly anywhere in country for medical purposes. so back in 2007 sergeant jesse murphy lost both of his legs above the knee and nearly his life when he was blown off the side of a mountain in afghanistan by a bomb. he spent the last couple of weeks here at walter reid medical center undergoing his 63rd surgery. but he didn't have to pay for the flight here or the flight home as he and his costs were picked up by the local businessman who is a pilot. short time ago murphy and his family departed to their home in tampa, florida. >> to know you're finally going home and to be in a plane, you can't really -- can't really explain it. you feel very, very loved and very cool. bottom line you're flying on a private plane. and i didn't have to worry about anything else at the airport. i'm staying with my family and that's it. so hey, fantastic. jay: coming up on abc 7 news at
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11:00, jesse murphy talks about how these flights take away the financial, emotional and physical burden of flying commercially for someone who of course, has sacrificed so much for our country. live in gaithersburg, jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: thanks jay. big welcome home for him. great day to fly. doug: a little preview of spring on the way. near 80 degrees. it comes and it goes. this will be gone by noon. it will be chilly again and stay chilly for a while. time lapse from the weather camera on the campus of the university naval academy in annapolis. this was sunrise. clouds come and go. bright and sunny at times. here's the deal you're looking south along the river that goes out into the chesapeake bay so all day long, the winds have been blowing off the chesapeake bay and up the sevren keeping temperatures schily there like it is now 49 degrees but well away from the water in the bright sunshine on just the
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right side of the warm front. still 77 in culpepper. 76 in fredricksburg. metro area finally made it to the middle to upper 60's. that was really good. a little disturbance runs along the warm front. really warm air here and the cooler air there and in between along the fronts showers and sprinkles. steve rudin will keep his eye on those. we have a chance tomorrow morning of getting back into some mild temperatures. start the day around 48 degrees with some sun and just ahead of the cold front, we could climb into the 60's briefly. there's a ton of warm air out here. definitely preview of spring. 88 degrees now in omaha. 82 in kansas city. chicago o'hare 73 degrees right now. 79 at nashville. the problem is the upper level winds are not going to bring all this warm air eastward. it's going to be a long time before we see temperatures like this in our part of the country. all indications are starting on thursday, continuing straight through the end of the week and mostly next week we'll be at or below average with temperatures. it's a little tease and a little preview.
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definitely changes are coming. cooler tomorrow with the cold front that will bring midday showers, sprinkle gusty winds and compared to the 70's today in some areas, we'll be lucky even to hit 50 degrees for a high on wednesday despite sunshine and the sunshine will be around into thursday early and then the clouds return. it looks like cold rain is part of the forecast as we head through the day on friday. so here's our express forecast. the clouds will increase. become windy with a sprinkle. may hit 65 68. and then turn somewhat cooler through the balance of the day. by wednesday, sunshine and 50. upper 40's with increasing cloudiness on thursday. rainy, chilly day only in the middle 40's on friday. spring officially begins at 6:45 on friday evening. who cares? the weekend will be chilly in the 50's with some sunshine. that's the latest. leon and timmy? leon: a lot of people care. tim: i care thank you! leon: spring isn't here. tim: put your hand right there. can you hear it? listen real closely and you can hear the music. the big dance is about to start.
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caps are shuffled off to buffalo. what a matchup downtown. the wizards are in the phone booth tonight trying to keep their win streak alive. east vs. west coming up next in sports
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tim: all right. time to fill out your brackets but you should know the odds of you having a perfect bracket are
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just 1 in 9.2 quintrillion. for all of you following asking what thats nine with 18 zeros behind it. i know that undefeated kentucky is the prohibitive favorite. you should know that the last unbeaten team to win the title in the ncaa was indiana way back in 1976. before the tournament starts u.v.a. gets the number two seed instead of the number one seed which they deserve. maryland is a number four instead of a three. georgetown gets a four. but has to go out west. and ucla got in the tournament with an 11th seed because of their history and that's it. meanwhile, george mason was not even in the hunt. so today, they fired head coach paul hewitt. all right let's talk pro basketball. we go to the wizard who's won three in a row. they play portland tonight in the phone booth and the trail blazer are playing as well as anybody in the league right now. east vs. west is tonight. in hockey, hockey fans the caps got a huge win last night against the bruins. braden holtby was the difference
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maker and got his eighth shutout of the year. the offense gave him what he needed to win. the caps beat the bruins 2-0 and play the sabres tonight in buffalo and they can't let up because they have a whole lot of folks chasing them in the standings. baseball, theationals are 4-7 for the spring. the nats beat the astros this afternoon. clint robinson took this pitch to left center field. that's trouble. he goes to the wall. tony gwynn jr. is running from the get go. no chance. robinson gets a triple out of it. the final this afternoon was 2-1. all right. you orioles and phillies this afternoon, clearwater. this is a sight for sore eyes. chris davis launches one deep and that's a rip shot. off cole hammels to center field. one of 21 oriole hits and they go on to beat the phillies. final there was 16-4. maryland should get a high seed as undefeated goes through the big 10. they're the champs. g.w. will go to the dance and so will american university for the first time ever.
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so the big dance tonight for the first time. leon: and the ncaa gets a chance to do a do over. tim: they have no chance. they went undefeated. they have to. doug: show you another sign of spring here thanks to john saunderman. he took that. and you can see him more if you follow him on twitter. this is down in cherry blossoms and it looks like the florets are visible. we're on cherry blossom watch. temperatures are going to take a nose dive tomorrow with the cold front. maybe some midday showers and gusty winds. then it turns colder. it's going to stay chilly for sometime. steve rudin will have more what to expect in the morning when he joins us tonight at 11:00. leon: that's it for us now. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next.
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on this monday night, the famous multimillionaire under arrest. about to be extradited. long suspected of killing his wife and friend robert durst, and his stunning words. saying he quote, killed them all. tonight, authorities preparing to move him. the dramatic day in court in the boston bombing case. police face to face with the alleged bomber describing their gun battle with the brothers. flying over the floods tonight in the heartland, and the bone-chilling cold about to return. the medical breakthrough tonight. cutting down on bad cholesterol and this has real hope. and bart simpson, "writing march madness is not an excuse for missing school." but tonight, our expert convinced he has the answer and the math to prove it. can he make it work?


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